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"Good ideas always surpass our limits, when expressing them there is no genre that can pigeonhole them."
Ariel Agrioyanis

As an author, Ariel Agrioyanis, has stood out for publishing books in various genres. Of course, as a systems engineer, his beginnings started with science fiction, and then he delved into romance and non-fiction. As he has clarified, his next works will fall within magical realism, horror, and mystery, but without ever leaving aside the science fiction he is so passionate about. 

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Reprogramando Nuestro Código Fuente

Reprogramming Our Source Code is the first non-fiction book by Ariel Agrioyanis. In this book, he subtly presents the main physical theories that explain how our universe works, exposed by great scientists such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Gerard 't Hooft, giving to the readers, especially those interested in these theories, and who are not familiar with these topics, explanations through examples simples and easy to understand. Additionally, Ariel Agrioyanis integrates from his point of view, an additional proposal, raising the possibility of reprogramming the reality that surrounds us at will.

The Scale

Claudia Mann is in her mid-thirties, and she feels that she is happy about the path her life is taking her: she is in a seven-year relationship with her college boyfriend, and she’s sure that they will get married. Also, she’s at the peak of her career and thinks that she has finally conquered Manhattan. But her worst nightmare is about to happen: a financial crisis that will affect her relationship and her job. Claudia now finds herself afraid of becoming a complete failure: near her forties, single, alone, and unemployed. She realizes that the only way to go on is to use “the scale,” a new tool that she developed, based on her ex-boyfriend, to find the right man. Would she find him?

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Genticks is a series of books that tells the story of Surina Iacobelli, a twelve-year-old girl born on Mars who ventures for the first time in her life on a trip to planet Earth, by winning a scholarship to pursue two years of studies in the most prestigious academy of science and technology: Genticks. Finally, after a difficult three-month journey in space, she is amazed at being able to experience what it is like to be on Earth, however, she begins to notice that something is not right. Thus, together with her new friends from Genticks, she discovers a conspiracy of great proportions, which will surpass terrestrial borders, endangering not only the lives of her and her friends from the academy but that of all the inhabitants of Mars. since a war of great proportions is about to unfold, where the search for power will be defined by those who have access to the most innovative technology.

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