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“Love can last longer than just one life.” Those were the last words that Prince Hans heard his mother say on her deathbed when he was only 12 years old. Years later he would verify the integrity of that premise, however, he would also verify that sometimes, pain can last a lifetime. Hans may not remember it, but the pain of a lost love will accompany his soul beyond what he ever imagined, forcing him to return to life again and again, until the time comes when that soul once betrayed gives him one last chance.


The last book in the Genticks series, where each character: Aturel, Augustus, Shakti, Kaimyo, Danyuro, Olena, Trevor, Steve, along with their mentors: Professor Gary Osmond and Samantha Kraussi, will bring out the best of their abilities when confronting to the members of the Global Council and to face in a bloody battle the aggressive and ambitious leaders of each current, but above all, they will be willing to give their lives to protect Surina Iacobelli, who fulfilling the last will of the late Doctor Eugene Alexander “Tickslevern,” will be guided by Genius Gene, until she manages to corner Glorus Zang Wang himself, who will prove to have no mercy by using the most innovative technology against her. However, she will have an ace up her sleeve.


Based on the second book of Genticks, The Three Currents, this videogame is aimed at the fans, and at all people interested in enjoying an amazing story by starring themselves, embodying the most important characters of the saga. This videogame, developed by experts, including the author, Ariel Agrioyanis, will soon be available for all mobile devices and tablets.

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